Welcome to the online registration and management system for the NCSSM Science Fair - Region 3b of the NC Science and Engineering Fair - this is the qualifying fair for NCSSM students who hope to compete at the NC Science and Engineering Fair. Using the links on the left you can register either as a student Participant or as a Judge.

Detailed information about the NC Science and Engineering Fair can be found at  www.ncsciencefair.org/

NOTE - the categories were REVISED for the 2016 fairs!!!  1. Bio A: Animal; Plant; Microbiology, 2. BioB: Behavior/Social; Computational/Bioinformatics; Cellular/Molecular; Biomed/Health, 3. Chemistry: Chem; Biochem,        4. Earth/Env: Earth/Env; Env Eng; Energy, 5. Physics/Math: Phys/Astronomy; Math, 6. Eng: Mechanics; Material Sci; Computational Bio, 7. Tech: Embedded Systems; Robotics; Systems Software.  

Category descriptions can be found here - https://student.societyforscience.org/intel-isef-categories-and-subcategories?pid=470

Note -In 2015, we became an ISEF-affliliated fair and we have been upgraded to send TWO projects directly to ISEF, 2017.  Projects and posters should comply with ISEF rules.. See the link for ISEF guidelines apps2.societyforscience.org/wizard/index.asp