Confirmed Participants

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Biological Science A

3101Drastic conditions call for drastic measures: the viability of terrestrial extremophiles in simulated Martian UV radiationNCSSMAna Sofia Uzsoy
3102Impact of Leaf Litter on the Decomposition of Orange PeelsNCSSMEllen Yu
Vanessa Lin
Elizabeth Farmer
3103Elucidation of the Bioactivity of Serratia-Associated LipodepsipeptidesNCSSMNishma Vias
3104Investigating the Effects of Gravity-Related Stresses on Various Lines of Arabidopsis Seedlings NCSSMTia Valakuzhy
3105Protein-Specific Inhibition on the Multixenobiotic Resistance Mechanism of Daphnia magnaNCSSMRohan Patel
3106The Effect of Caspase Inhibition on Planarian RegenerationNCSSMRitvik Bodducherla
3107Assessing the Long Term Neurobehavioral Effects of Developmental Exposure to Organophosphate Flame Retardants in ZebrafishNCSSMSoumya Avva
3108The Efficacy of Melatonin as an Anxiolytic Treatment in Stressed ZebrafishNCSSMGabrielle Adams
3109Investigating Motor Control in Drosophila melanogaster through OptogeneticsNCSSMCasey Hansen
Emily Zheng
3110The roles of L159 and MB112C neurons in mediating fruit fly locomotion in response to external olfactory stimuliNCSSMAnameeka Singh
Andrew Huan

Biological Science B

3201Combining Pharmacologic Profiling with High Throughput Drug Screening for the Development of Therapeutics in Gastrointestinal CancersNCSSMAneesh Agarwal
3202Sustained Inhibition of Neuropathic Pain by Intrathecal Bone Marrow Stromal Cells: Sex-dependent ModulationNCSSMEvan Jiang
3206Investigation of Phytoestrogens as Treatments for Estrogen-Receptor Negative Breast CancerNCSSMAnna Margaret Clyburn
3207Beta Blockers, Stress, and Breast Cancer: Studying Alternative Cancer Treatments in Mouse Mammary CellsNCSSMMiriam Chiamaka Okonkwo
3208How Type I Interferon Response Affects Apoptosis in NeuronsNCSSMMichelle Roh
3209Using Comsol Software to Optimize the Elimination of Tumor Cells in the Liver through Radio Frequency AblationNCSSMEthan Wu
3210Determining the existence of cis-regulatory elements in exonic sequencesNCSSMSophia Hurr
3211 Targeting Cancer Through Altering Hyaluronan Synthesis and DegradationNCSSMEmma Garval
3212The Association Between SNP rs604723, rs2055450, and Blood Pressure in African AmericansNCSSMErica Sung
3214Characterizing the Phenotype of Bone Marrow-Derived Lean and Obese Adipose Tissue MacrophagesNCSSMChristopher Kartawira
3215Growth of Cancer Cells: Effects of Demethylating Agents and UV RadiationNCSSMKendra Zhong


3301Diblock Protein-coated DNA Nanostructures: Development and Application in Drug DeliveryNCSSMDory Li
3302Carbon Dioxide Dry Reforming Over Novel Pt Catalyst Created Using Unconventional Fabrication MethodNCSSMSahil Gupta
Michelle Gan
3303The Effect of Buffer pH on Methylene Blue-Release in a Varying Degree of Neutralization Polyacrylate-Polyethylene Glycol HydrogelNCSSMAbigail Fancher
3304Effects of Ferric Ammonium Citrate Regulation on the Production of Tolyporphin, an Anticancer Bacteriochlorin in the HT-58-2 Cyanobacterial Strain of Tolypothrix nodosaNCSSMDepei Yu
3305Photocatalytic Properties of Novel Copper Tantalum Niobium OxideNCSSMNimisha Pant
3306Preparation and Characterization of ZnS Thin Films by Chemical Bath DepositionNCSSMRohan Reddy
3307Photocatalytic Applications of Zirconium-Based Metal Organic FrameworksNCSSMKarl Westendorff

Earth/Environmental Science

3401Characterizing Calhoun Legacy SedimentsNCSSMTiffany Tang
3402beta-Cyclodextrin Polymers Crosslinked with Organic Chelating Agents for the Adsorption of Heavy Metal and Organic Pollutants from WaterNCSSMElla Carter
3403Effects of Chronic Nanoparticle Exposure on a Snail Population of Physella Acuta in a Wetland Mesocosm ExperimentNCSSMWyatt Jernigan
3404Effective Photocatalytic Degradation of EPA Priority Toxic Pollutant 4-Nitrophenol with Solar-Powered Pd-end-capped Gold NanorodsNCSSMKenny Hoang
3405Comparing Arthropod Predator Abundance on Native and Non-Native Tree Species in the CityNCSSMJanis Arrojado
3406Modeling the Effects of River Diversion and Climate Change within the Cocopah Reservation, Southwest Arizona NCSSMVivian Snyder


3502Experimental Analysis of Wake Angle through Varying VelocitiesNCSSMJulia Wang
Zack Lee
3504Ray optics method for tracking of hydrogel particles and its applications in erosion experimentsNCSSMStella Wang
3505Group Halo Mass and Galactic Disk Evolution in the RESOLVE SurveyNCSSMKate Kushner
3506Quenching Factor Calibrations With Monoenergetic NeutronsNCSSMMaximilian Kremer
3507An Analysis of a Parametric Pendulum of Variable Length and Frequency in Two DimensionsNCSSMTamar McMahon
Karna Morey
3508Analysis of the Frequency of Oscillation of a Pendulum Suspended between Parallel Charged PlatesNCSSMEnzo Moretti Niebuhr
Matthew Mims
3509Gravitational Time Delay Caused by Dark Matter of Varying Density NCSSMElla Castelloe
3510Scattering of gravitational waves by Schwarzschild black holesNCSSMSkanda Sastry
3511Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation by Localized Surface Resonance PlasmonsNCSSMAlexander Allen


3601Functionalization of Silicon with Small Organic MoleculesNCSSMMichael Carter
3602Engineering a Laser Technique to 3D Print Robust Hydrogels for Extracellular MatricesNCSSMJoshua Zhou
3603Engineering A Novel Co-Culture Method to Assay the Effect of Gap Junction Intercellular Communication on Cell MortalityNCSSMZiyun Niu
3604Targeted delivery of siRNA by lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles to silence IDO1 gene for cancer immunotherapyNCSSMSophia Luo
3605Calibration and Utilization of Low-Cost Air Quality SensorsNCSSMJenna Israel
3606Characterizing Heat Treated Bacterially Precipitated Cadmium SulfideNCSSMEvann Wu
3607How Does Spatial Structure Change the Outcome of Evolutionary Games?NCSSMMridu Nanda


3701Applications of Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms in The Kidney ExchangeNCSSMKireet Panuganti
3702Development of a Prototype Automated Tumor Resection RobotNCSSMSreekar Mantena
3703A Theoretical Simulation Model to Enhance the Efficiency of Silicon Based Bifacial Solar CellsNCSSMKevin Jin
3704Automated contact point determination strategies for atomic force microscopy nanoindentationNCSSMYoungmin Shin
3705A Skynet Algorithm for Single-Dish Radio MappingNCSSMRaymond Gao